Winter Diving in the Silfra Crack


Your questions about Pluto have been answered.

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"Paradise was made for tender hearts; hell, for loveless hearts."


Thanksgiving from the natives perspective.

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Butuan City is known to be the gateway into Northern Mindanao together with it's spectacular jewels.


While other young stars are busy with their teleseryes, this starlet is busy helping make the world a better place.

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Because of their tolerance for deliciously spicy food, Bicol is the home for flaming -cooked food such as the famous Bicol Express, laing, and pinangat. Spice lovers would definitely indulged and enjoy the experience of the delicacies in this province.


An attractive, nasty slug!

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Travelling to another place away from home is one way of getting all of the pressure off of your shoulders.


Have you ever been in such a rush to leave your home because you think you're late for a flight? You bend-over backwards, and stress yourself out with last minute packing, only to arrive at the airport to find out that your flight has been delayed. As a veteran jetsetter I know this all too well. As a matter of fact I was a victim of such an incident last night.

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Boracay island will always be that "go to" place if you want to sink your feet in fine white sand and swim in the clear blue sea on your summertime.

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Most people probably think that Siargao Island is only fun for surfers. The “Pipeline” waves in Siargao are not the only wonders this island has to offer.

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We all need to get out and have a break every once in a while. Just let out all the pessimism get out of your system to make your life much lighter.