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A lot of amazing islands surrounds the main island of Cebu. Each are all full of eye-catching tourist spots and are definitely must-go places.

But there is this specific beautiful island that is filled with marvelous assets that lies across the city of Cebu.

Bohol City is known for the Chocolate Hills and the smallest monkey existing on the universe called, Tarsiers. It was my first time to visit Bohol just this May 2015. We had a tour to the Chocolate Hills, got entertained by a tour guide of the butterfly sanctuary, thrilled crossing the hanging bridge and admired the cutest big-eyed monkeys.

The Chocolate Hills is located in Carmen, not that far from Tagbiliran City, Bohol. When we arrived the destination where the Chocolate Hills reside, there's a store which sold different pasalubongs and offered bugrides and ATV rides. We rode ATV's while enjoying the sight of the sweetest hills by our side. At the viewpoint of the Chocolate Hills, you can see the baby mountains standing side by side. It took us a lot of steps to get to the viewpoint and poured sweats under the heat of the sun, but it was all so worth it.

After getting a taste of the Chocolate Hills, we went to see the tiny little cuties that just hug the branches of the trees all day long. The sanctuary had about 8 Tarsiers and a hundred more out in the wild, according to the tour guide. It is not allowed to handle or touch the little ones because they are known to commiting suicide when they get stressed out. We were only able to look at them and admire their huge eyes that looks see straight into your soul. I was dying to secretly get one, bring it home and feed it with my love. So adorbz!

There are more exciting adventures in Bohol but we only had a very limited day to travel all over Bohol City. I would definitely go back there considering that it is not difficult to cross to the island from Cebu City.

Exploring outside the box, Beyond Cebu.

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