2016 03 25 y101 talks good friday martha

It’s said that a family tradition should never be broken, and that’s exactly how it works in my home.

It’s a few after 3 PM as I write this article. We have just finished praying our customary rosary and now, it’s to each his own on how my kinsfolk want to mourn this touching day in history.

2016 03 25 y101 talks good friday martha inside

Today, I would like to spend my next few moments praying in this article because even if I’m not a die-hard Catholic that goes to church every Sunday or a devoted Christian that invokes on litanies every day, this is a very emotional point in my life that merits my thoughts for the day.

Ever since I can remember, every Good Friday with my family was the time to be remorseful of our sins. It was the time to rewind, think back and be thankful for all our blessings. It was also the moment to reflect on Jesus Christ as he died on the cross, whether for some of us, he did so to redeem us of our transgressions or whatsoever that others may believe. It was only then that our entire household – family and domestic help (and often times friends) – would join together in prayer. I can only praise my parents for enforcing this lovely practice on me as today, I continue to carry on that family tradition.

And in effect, as I presently ponder on all the events that have transpired this year, I realize as I contemplate over my landscaped garden, the many magnificent marvels that I have received! Earlier in the day, I was distraught reliving the loss of my two last Akitas that left me lifeless for some time in the past eight months. I was truly devastated when they passed away – Sumo eight months ago and Kamikaze, my “Divine Wind” just last February. Yet when I sat in front of that little altar I set up this afternoon in which I saw an agonizing Christ on the Crucifix, I suddenly felt I had no entitlement to feel this way.

Then I thought to myself: on the contrary, I should look ahead and cheer up for the many phenomenal experiences and upshots I have been gifted with throughout the year. Trials are but superficial. At the end of the day, what is important is the final portrait. One hardly ever realizes what they have but here’s something I grasped today – I have health, food on my table, a great family, a wonderful job; I travel and I live life with a passion and last but not least, I have Y101 Always First...

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