John M Spends His Holidays with You

john m main

There’s no holiday for a man committed to public service.

We’ve got more than half a week of break from school and work. With the usual weekend sitting where it’s supposed to be, it’s neatly sandwiched by two non-working holidays; this Friday’s Sergio Osmeña Day and Monday’s Eid’l Adha observance.

With a four day weekend coming our way, it may seem that our fix for tasteful music in the afternoons won’t be met. But just like the rest of the Rhythm Crew at Y101, John M will spend his holidays with you.

So get your holiday afternoons ready. Light up some scented candles and dim the lights. John M’s Afternoon Drive will serenade you for the rest of the days to come.

His 2pm-5pm radio show serves you up with an entertaining and amusing moment even in your dullest holiday breaks. His show is full of tasteful music, intelligent chat, and a lot of sax. The Afternoon Drive is surely the best program to take comfort in the long weekend.

John M’s deep soothing voice will ease your relaxation  and take the stress out of your system and make you forget your worries for a whole month. Everyone deserves a holiday break and so John M is here to make it better.

So tune in to John M’s drive every Mondays to Fridays 2pm to 5pm. Only here at the rhythm of the city, Y101, Always First.

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