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Sinulog is a grand festival, with so many people and so many events, It is expected that funny experiences will happen.

I asked the Y101 Shoutboxers about their funniest Sinulog experience and here is what they had to say:

“My funniest experience was when my cousin drew fake abs on his tummy and walked around shirtless. People actually asked if they could take pictures with him” -Kat

“This one time, during Sinulog, I thought I got buzzed on 2 San Mig Lights. Turns out, somebody made special snacks. Fun times. Actually, I was the one who prepared the snack and forgot. ” -Bullet                                                                           

            “Fun times during Sinulog: A certain celebrity was riding in one of the floats throwing calendars and posters and got one but I threw it back to him”-Hersheys

            “Slept on the sidewalk from. 3pm to 6pm hahaha worse is Yan-Yan, hahaha same time worse experience. What made it worse was he can’t even remember a thing”-Kate

            “ I didn’t know my elbow was already wounded!” – Yan-yan

Enjoy your Sinulog!

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