It has been a while since I have talked to Mike Solo so I decided I give him some kind of visit when he wasn’t so busy.

I asked Mike Solo about his best Sinulog experiences and I didn’t know he was that kind of guy. I could not top my experiences when compared to his. If you’re thinking of a wild child, memory-deleting, dangerously fun kind of party then let me tell you that Mike Solo has done them all. He used to go out with 30 to 40 people, mostly composed of high school or college friends. Mike Solo said that it does not matter what they did, as long as they were together, it was automatically a memorable one. 

Most of Mike Solo’s Sinulog experiences before were unforgettable. Unfortunately nowadays, ever since he started working at the media, Sinulog to him means work. Well, let’s stick to his experiences shall we? If you have seen foreign teen series with some hard partying theme then that alone will cover Mike Solo’s Sinlulog times. He even told me he cannot remember anything because he was too wasted to remember anything. All he can picture in mind (picture, okay? not remember), were some flashes of sceneries.

Meet friends…Eat…Drink some beers…Head to places…Party…. Black out…. Fist fight…. Black out… Chugging some unknown alcoholic drink…Laughs….Black out… Wakes up in a familiar place…More drinks…Goes home… End.

Usually, those flashes are not in order and it always seemed like some sort of a puzzle for him to decode once he sobers up. I am not so sure if he ever managed to get a full story.

Hope you get to party like that again, Mike Solo 

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