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Sinulog is a great time to enjoy yourself outdoors and celebrate with a lot of people including your friends and err… strangers?

The reality is that we will never know what’s going to happen and the best defense is prevention. So here are some tips to help you stay safe during the Festival.

The drums are banging as you head out to witness the grand parade with excitement but hey, before you step out of that door, do keep in mind that a grand parade will mean the gathering of a lot of different people- you just do not know who is out there and worst, they can be criminals and may rob you without you knowing it!

To celebrate the Sinulog Festival means walking. So you have to keep yourself safe from the eyes of thieves. To avoid unfortunate situations, you can simply be simple. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and clothes. If possible, do not wear any jewelry at all. Use bags which can be kept at sight all the time.

Avoid crowded areas. Not only is it the preferred setting of thieves, it is also a health risk. Stay in cool areas to avoid heat strokes and having your stuff stolen. It is advisable that you go out with a group of friends so you can watch over each other. Go to a police officer or to the nearest police station if you feel that you are being followed.

Be careful where you buy your food and drinks. As tempting as it is, we will never know if we are getting clean food or not so please buy food from a source which is known to be safe.

Avoid texting in public. Always wear a headset when making calls or answering. If you have a car, park it in a safe place where you are assured of security. Before entering your car, check first to see if something odd is inside. Remember, be alert at all times!

Have A Safe Sinulog!