Although it’s difficult to live a healthy lifestyle, Icky proves it can be done.


Indulging in what we love most is a treat we usually have around the holidays every year, but since the New Year has begun and our resolutions are in place, we all usually agree, we could lose a few pounds. Now this resolution is easier said than done, because as much as we love looking good, it is so hard to stick to a restrictive diet! And what makes it even more difficult is never having anything healthy to eat while we’re out with friends, at work, or just our daily lives in general. In all honesty it’s just easier to eat unhealthy because changing our lifestyles to live healthy is such a hassle!

As for Icky, he is fully dedicated to his weight loss journey. In the old days he was known to make tons of pasta; baked spaghetti, carbonara, baked ziti, lasagna, but now since he has completely cut carbs out of his diet he tends to cook more adobo and lechon paksiw for the kids. He also admits that his taste buds have completely altered with his new lifestyle so he prefers less salt and sugar as it is scarcer for him so a little goes a long way. His commitment to his diet is commendable and he is living proof that although it may be a challenge to adapt to something similar in our lives, he certainly makes an appealing argument and proves it can be done.

So as this New Year has already begun, some of us may have already gotten behind on our New Years resolutions, but it is never too late to get started and follow through. We should all take a long hard look at ourselves and choose certain aspects in our daily lives that we can alter for the better. With time we hope to snow ball in the right direction and completely modify our lives to fully dedicate ourselves to this cause so we can all live long and fruitful lives with our loved ones. After all isn’t that the ultimate goal in life?

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