Who will win this month-long challenge?

Yesterday was an interesting and fun day for everyone here in the Y101 office. Chad the Stud, just like any other day, was feeling a little bit daring and adventurous. One of his ultimate goals for the year just like so many others is to drop some weight, so he found a way to bring this into the workspace and make it fun for all.


For those of you who aren’t already aware of our ‘Lose to Win’ Promo, Y101 and Clip2Fit are hosting a weight loss competition. Participants have to weigh in at Y101 stations: Once at the start of the competition and once again to determine the winner. The person who has lost the most weight at the end of the promo is the grand winner.

So Chad proposed to Marko that the two of them weigh in and throw some money down to see who can lose more weight at the end of a one month period (January 19-February 18). Marko quickly accepted the challenge, the purse was going to be P2,000 pesos.

The two weighed themselves and actually gathered quite an audience among the other Y101 employees and personnel. Chad weighed in at 182 pounds, and Marko was considerably lower at 163 pounds. The challenge was the same though, the participant that loses the most weight wins.

By now word had gotten around to some other ambitious dieters as John M was ready to step on the scale. 250 pounds for John M BOOM! John M Has got a large margin to win this competition so far. But to everyone’s surprise, more people in the office wanted to participate. Martha T. also forked over her P2,000 pesos and as well as our new Digital Media Manager Kathleen, weighing in at 174lb and 215lb respectively.

After everyone weighed in, ideas were tossed around as to how the winner should be paid. In an ironic twist it was decided that the grand prize winner will be showered by P8,000 Pesos of good ole’ fattening food! Check back in to the www.Y101fm.com website regularly for updates!

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