Spartan, described as “a sport, community, a philosophy, a training and nutrition program,” in association with the English footwear and apparel company Reebok, brings you Spartan Race, a selection of obstacle races of varying lengths and demandingness.

Spartan Race Philippines 2019, to be held at RD Hill in Danao, Cebu on July 6, 2019, offers three types of races: There’s the Spartan Sprint, a 5-kilometer race with 20 obstacles; there’s the Spartan Super, which will extend across 13 kilometers and will see 25 obstacles; and finally there’s the Spartan Beast, a 21-kilometer race, hardened with a whopping 30 obstacles.

And if these three heart-pumping, bone-breaking races aren’t challenging enough for you, Spartan Race will also host four endurance events: the Spartan Ultra, a 50-kilometer marathon with 60 obstacles, Hurricane Heat, a 3-to-4-hour battery of team-building exercises, Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, 12 hours of physical and mental, team and individual challenges, and Agoge, a 60-hour team-based endurance test.

You think you and your buddies got what it takes to see through this race? Don your helmets and war paint, and sign up now!

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