Foam Party at the Electro Beach Festival 2017

Last weekend (March 10, 2018) the rhythm crew returned to Mövenpick Cebu’s Ibiza Beach Club to attend the highly anticipated Electro Beach Festival headlined by renowned Japanese DJ Daiki Wakabayashi.

The foam party, which went on for almost 8 hours, also featured guest artists and DJ’s from all over Japan. The beach front where the party was held turned into a vibrant outdoor nightclub where awesome beats, bikinis and drinks weaved into another, highlighted by the smiles of party-goers who came from all over the world.

A celebration of diversity, the Electro Beach Festival has once again united different nationalities through one language – music. Visitors came as far from South America, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Korea. A truly international crowd banded together in one spectacular evening.

The Ibiza Beach Club at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island has always been known as the region’s most hip and happening venue for lifestyle dining and high-energy entertainment. It successfully staged another one heck of a party that keeps getting better year after year. The rhythm crew is excited to see what happens next.

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