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This song is a bit slow compared to other songs we have heard from her.

However, it is impressive that she just gets it right for our ears and her style.

Compared to "Bang Bang" and "Burnin' Up", this softer song still managed to get a positive reception from the fans and casual listeners. The song "Masterpiece" seems to be aimed at her haters given the suggestive lyrics:

“You haven’t seen the best of me, I’m still working on my masterpiece.”

However, we are not sure who she is telling this line but let the interpretation be in the minds of the listeners.


About the music video, it is a bit plain compared to what we have seen from other artists but I did personally like the black and white theme in the beginning of her video; her room was all white and she wore black. It looked great.

I am not a fan of Jessie J but when I saw her singing with her mouth closed, I was given the impression that she's not much of who she is on stage. I think she's a funny (more like a joker) person off the camera.


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