Ripchair 3.0

Who wouldn’t love to drive a mini-tank!?

The Ripchair 3.0 represents the pinnacle of extreme off-road tracked chairs. It is manufactured by an American company that specializes in extreme vehicles for use in military, police and firefighting work. It is designed for wheelchair users with a focus on three goals — “ease of transfer, ability to go anywhere and ruggedness.”

The Ripchair 3.0 is the top of the line off-road wheelchair on the market today. The original Ripchair was designed as a one-off prototype that became the most sought after chair in the market that even people who aren’t disabled are purchasing.

According to the website of the company who builds The Ripchair, “The off-road tracked chair has become an icon for all those that want to experience true freedom once again.

And freedom is really what you feel when you take a ride on one of these bad boys. The paraplegic version retails for $35,000 (more than 1 million 7 hundred thousand pesos).

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