Most Sinful Filipino Food

Nothing beats the indulgence of home!

From street food to dessert, you can never go wrong with these purely Pinoy delights. If you're not a local, consider tasting any of these during your next food trip:


Most Sinful Filipino Favorites

Ripe bananas are deep fried and then splashed with a rain of brown sugar. Some love to have this snack with fresh buko juice as the drink. Grab it while it's hot. Another version that's the lesser evil is the camote-cue- sweet potato cooked the same way.

Chicken Skin- No Matter How it's Cooked

Most Sinful Filipino Favorites 1

You already know how chicken skin is rich in cholesterol. Fried like chicharon (pork rinds) or hot off the grill, chicken skin is the local beer's best friend. This is a popular treat during drinking sessions with friends. Speaking of chicharon...


Most Sinful Filipino Favorites 3

I've wrote about this lovely treat in an article few weeks back. Chicharon is actually a way to cook pork rinds as well as chicken and fish skin. This deep-fried goodness is best bought at Carcar here in Cebu.


Most Sinful Filipino Favorites 4

Also known as the chicharon bulaklak, Ginabot is made from deep-fried pork innards. This is one of the most famous street foods here in Cebu. Innards in general lend high cholesterol and uric acid content. This is best enjoyed at the punko-punko along with extra-spicy vinegar with chopped onions, puso and a soft drink.


Most Sinful Filipino Favorites 6

Isaw is the term for charcoal-grilled chicken or pork intestines. Also tastes best with puso.


Most Sinful Filipino Favorites 7

Also a beer's best friend. This is a sizzling dish made from parts of a pig's head and liver usually seasoned with calamansi and chilis. Some can also add in pork skin and meat. Others also top a cracked egg over the sizzling plate and mix it all together. Either way, it's the best accompaniment to a long drinking session with friends.


Most Sinful Filipino Favorites 8

This is most-likely present when there's a tray of lechon at the dinner table. Why? This stew is made of chopped innards, meat and pork's blood.

So which other favorites have we missed? Share your guilty pleasures with us!

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