Fast Food Giants change the game!


McDonald’s does it again. Already well known for their consistent, speedy service at reasonable prices, the brand now explores a new niche in the fast food market.

It has been roughly 40 years since the McDonald’s franchise made its first appearance in the city of Hong Kong, but now they are taking a few steps away from the greasy fast food world. In December of 2015, McDonald’s transformed one of its Hong Kong branches into a McDonald’s Next -- a more refined, posh version of the “modern and progressive” franchise.

Some differences you may notice when first walking into the new McDonald’s Next is the lack of red and yellow color theme. McDonald’s have scrapped the traditional Golden Arches and in its place are new black and white logos, ambient lighting, modern glass and metallic interiors and a salad bar. That’s right, a salad bar at McDonalds’.

McDonald’s is featuring an all new healthy menu with two choices of salad base greens, two kinds of cheese, three flavors of sauces, and quinoa. Also to compliment the new upscale menu, McDonald’s plans to have table service after 6 p.m. and offer premium coffee blends to customers.

So can you still order a Big Mac? Rest assured McDonald’s has no plans of phasing out its old menu any time soon. McDonald’s Next in Hong Kong still offers its full regular menu as well as the Create Your Taste (CYT) concept which allows customers to customize their burgers on a tough screen monitor.


McDonald’s has chosen to adopt a change is its decades-old business enterprise because, according to sources, the old business model is failing. Low quarterly performances in 2015 and changes in eating trends have sparked the revolutionary change.

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