With New Years being celebrated tonight, many of us will resolve to lose weight in in this next year.

But since weight loss is such a gradual undertaking there are certain tricks you can utilize for an instant slimming effect. You can use them tonight for a quick fix so kiss your oversized moo-moos goodbye and say hello to curves.

While most of the time we’re drawn to loose, flowy, or over-sized fashions when we’re feeling out of shape it is key to avoid clothing that amplifies your flaws. Thick and chunky fabrics tend to add more volume to your shape so light weight clothe like fine cotton, jersey, cashmere with a slight stretch from spandex is ideal to slimming your shape.

Sticking to a monotone ensemble creates an uninterrupted complete look; which makes you appear thinner and taller because there is no contrast from your upper body to your lower body, which can draw eyes to your middle. And to take it one step further include your shoe color in that same hue to add even more length to your figure.

Jewelry can be used strategically to lengthen your overall look as well. Long necklaces add length to a short neck and also brings attention away from your hips and brings it to the front and center part of your body. Using sparkly cuffs, layer bangles, bracelets, and rings draw eyes to the wrists instead of your upper arms.

Wearing a jacket or a blazer is also a good tip. The crisp lines and narrow lapels of the blazer combats excessive curves. So wearing an open jacket is extra-slimming when they’re worn with V-neck tanks and dark-wash jeans. Just make sure your jeans are clean and unembellished as extra detail and decorative extras catch the eye and give a more bulky appearance. So simply utilizing a few of these tricks tonight can help propel us towards our goal of leaning down our silhouettes for a sexier New Year.

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