niki minajImage Source: billboard

The ‘Kiki Challenge’, inspired from Drake’s WT20 number one song “In My Feelings”, has been blowing up on the internet for the past two months. Nicki Minaj thinks it’s time for that meme to die, so she offers up a new viral dance challenge called ‘Barbie Dreams Challenge” inspired by her new song “Barbie Dreams” from her newly released album “Queen”.

Hollywood dance choreographers Aliya Janell and Aryan Davenport posted on Instagram a video of themselves dancing in sync to Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams”. The rapper was blow away by the dance moves, so she reposted the video and said that she hopes to learn their routine soon. Minaj wrote on the caption “#BarbieDreamsChallenge” to set off a trend and hope that people would imitate Aliya and Aryan’s moves.

And so people did. The hashtag caught on and several others posted their own versions of the challenge. See the people perform the “Barbie Dreams Challenge” below and learn them yourselves.