John Lennon’s “monkey bike” is for sale!Image Source:

From 1969 to 1971, John Lennon used to ride a Honda Monkey-Trail Bike XUC 91H – which he lovingly called his “monkey bike”. Now his old motorbike is up for sale and you have a chance to buy it!

A man named Henry Graham acquired Lennon’s bike in the 70’s. He sold it to a man named John Harington who kept the bike ever since. He profited a lot from the bike by displaying it at various events and shows throughout the years.

Now the bike has been obtained by H&H Classics, Europe’s premier auctioneers of Classic and Collector Cars. With their expert estimate, they believe the bike will sell for at least £30,000 (or 40,500 USD or at least 2 million pesos) when it is made available for sale on March 4 at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, United Kingdom.

Here’s how you can buy Lennon’s monkey bike.