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The island of Cebu alone is brimming with the abundance of wildlife.

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If you are wondering where to go for a short vacation away from the busy city, then this resort can be one of your options.

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For Filipino non-gamers, this might not look very appealing to you.

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There are DJs that take you on a euphoric journey through the amazing sounds they play, and there are those that just bring out the wild child in you on the dance floor by playing your favourite tunes.

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Cebu is very lucky to have this non-profit animal rescue group.

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Do you find the beach too harsh but love the waves? Cebu has the place for you. 

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Aspiring musicians these days usually go for the easiest way in the industry, which is being a DJ.

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You got that right! Cebu has a Cat Café now, and cat lovers better give it a visit to satisfy your inner feline needs.

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Cebuanos love this and it is worth writing about again and again.

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They entered the room with energy so infectious, that a miserable person like me was able to smile in the morning.

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Hair is a big factor when it comes to the physical appearance of an individual.

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Surely, many Cebuanos are fairly contented with what the amazing city has to offer but, isn’t it a bit too crowded nowadays?

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Craving for Japanese food yet short on budget?