Nothing beats the taste of home.

If your mom can whip up some pochero, then you're pretty lucky! Have you noticed that the way our favorite local dishes are cooked in the province will never beat the taste here in the city? My mother's side is from the Southern part here in Cebu and there's just nothing that can beat traditional and old school cooking. Pochero, nilat-angbaboy, lechon kawali, piniritongnukos, ginabot...my stomach is crying as I type these words. But have you noticed the secret behind your lola or favorite aunt's dishes? Cooking on firewood. I don't know about you but rice tastes so much better, vegetables have more flavor and some deep-fried goodness such as lechon kawali or adobo have crispier skin topping the oh-so-tender meat.


But of course, not everyone can immediately go to their respective provinces on a whim especially when you're craving for some hearty food. However, here's another secret here in the city- Ekits Food Haus! Ekits has been known for amazing pochero, lechon kawali, pancit, menudo, seafood served in portions that don't disappoint. Mainstream Filipino restaurants don't compare if you really want a taste of Filipino food because let's face it, the traditional dirty kitchens cook the best food. True enough, the famous lechon kawali of Ekits along with every dish served is cooked using firewood. I can vividly remember how happy me and my tummy were when both my partner and I ate here during my birthday lunch last year.


The famous food house is located at Panagdait, Mabolo and is a few meters away from the corner of Sarrossa Hotel. Ekits is open between 7am to 9pm and if you get confused on how to get there, locals can help you with directions since Ekits is pretty famous by now. Also make sure to go before lunchtime as the place is flocking with people past noontime.

Photo Credit: zero three two, makatanglakwatsera and laagan nga cebuana.

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