woman broke into Drake’s mansion

It’s one of the silliest break-in stories in history.

A 24-year old woman was recently arrested for breaking into rapper Drake’s mansion in Los Angeles. TMZ reports that the crazy woman was found last week at 10.30pm by a member of Drake’s entourage in his bedroom. She was allegedly “wearing one of Drake’s hoodies” and later “confessed to pilfering Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water”.

It is unclear how the woman got inside of the house or how long she was in the house. There were no signs of forced entry, according to Police.

The woman initially told police that she had “permission to enter” the mansion, which was obviously not the case. Although the woman only took around $10 worth of drinks, she was arrested and charged with felony burglary for entering the mansion illegally and taking what wasn’t hers.
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