Daft Punk Just Release a Teaser Video for 2017

Daft Punk’s tour rumors for 2017 has been reignited following a mysterious live teaser video.

A mysterious YouTube video has reignited speculations that Daft Punk are set to tour in 2017.

Given that the legendary French duo has only toured twice in 1997 and 2007 (10 years apart), fans have long held out faith that the disco-robot overlords would return in 2017, exactly 10 years after their last concert tour.

Rumors that Daft Punk will be hitting the road again were sparked last year by a mysterious website called ‘Alive 2017’. However, the website later appeared to be a hoax.

Now a YouTube clip titled ‘ALIVE 2017’ has appeared online, featuring a new light show along with a series of mysterious numbers found in the video’s description box.

Fans have speculated that the code could cite GPS co-ordinates. See the video for yourself below.
Some people also speculate that it could be fake.What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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