Rapper slip down the stairs and fall face first

Rapper Meek Mill shares a clip of him slipping down the stairs and falling face-first into the snow.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill, who recently split from Nicki Minaj, shared a clip showing him slip on icy steps at his mother’s house and proceed to fall face-first into snow.

In an Instagram caption, he wrote: “Since y’all wanna see me fall so bad”. Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill appears to have put his feud with Drake behind him after a video recently emerged of him dancing to ‘One Dance’. The rapper has been warring with the Canadian artist since accusing him of using a ghostwriter in 2015.

However, the long-running beef between the two doesn’t seem to have stopped Meek from enjoying his Drake’s summer song. A recently uploaded Instagram video appears to show him and his crew dancing to ‘One Dance’ in a nightclub.

In 2015, the two rappers exchanged several diss tracks following Meek’s claim that rapper and songwriter Quentin Miller has been behind a number of Drake’s songs.

Meek Mill is famous for his songs The Difference featuring Quavo from Migos, and All Eyes On You, a collaboration between him, Chris Brown, and Mill’s recent ex, Nicki Minaj.
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