Ozzy and Jack Osbourne Visit Cuba's John Lennon Statue

Find out how Ozzy Osbourne realized why John Lennon was treated a hero in Cuba.

In the upcoming episode of History Channel’s Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, the Black Sabbath singer and his son visit Cuba where a guide takes them to a statue of John Lennon erected in 2000.

In 1962, Fidel Castro banned rock & roll following the missile crisis, calling it the music of the enemy. Decades later in 2004, Castro honored Lennon in a speech that recognized the late Beatles rebel nature, highlighting how the United States had sought to deport him in the Seventies

In the clip, a guide tells the Osbournes that Castro personally attended the unveiling of Lennon's statue in 2000. Ozzy, who is wearing circular Lennon sunglasses, goes to inspect the monument. "That's really cool," he says. "They were saying it was banned and then he became a hero." Then he becomes emotional. "I'd rather have seen the real thing; that fucking asshole killed him."

Ozzy later tells his son that the statue was one of the highlights of their journeys together. When Jack asks Ozzy if he was "Team John Lennon" or "Team Paul McCartney," his father says, "Both. Lennon and McCartney for me were two of the greatest things that ever happened."

Check out the clip below.


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