Many people loved the 90’s while some considered it the best.

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Last Thursday knocked us out!

Last Thursday, January 29 2015, Canon and Y101FM selected the ones who deserved to win.

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I have never thought George would have experienced things like these. It’s almost like the movies!

Since the afternoon was not that busy, I had a little chit chat with Mike Solo and a cup of coffee. 

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Being in your 20’s is actually one of the best stages in life- you begin working, you meet a lot of people, you are now in a stable relationship (or happily single)… it’s like all of life’s peak in a bottle.

y101talks 012815main is more than excited to show you the launching of K.O. Thursdays!

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Last January 25, 2015, the Philippine nation woke up to sad news.

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It’s all over face book. We get it; people are disappointed about the results.

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Are you ready for something you haven’t seen before?

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A week has passed and it seems like people have not yet recovered from the Sinulog 2015 experience.

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There are a lot of good cameras out there but does that automatically mean a good picture?

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Last week, the Philippines was graced by a special visit by the Pope.