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It has become a hot topic for the past few weeks. It has grabbed headlines here and abroad.

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Listen to the hottest and latest singles on Y101fm's Weekend Top 20.

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Are you one of the cat lovers out there? Well, Jiggy Jr. is one of those who worship these dominating pets.

Everyone is going cray-cray over the latest song of Adele. "Hello" became such a big hit in the music industry and also in the comedy central because of people posting videos of answering Adele

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Since it’s the Halloween season, here’s a scary treat for you. A 400-metre-wide asteroid that scientists only spotted three weeks ago is going to shoot past Earth at 35 kilometres per second.

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When you think you can have the greater one, don't be hesitant to let go of the good one.

The best way to start your weekend is to have nothing but energetic vibes filling up the morning.

What do you think is the world's most powerful idea and who thought of it first?

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The necessity to replenish our body with food due to fulfilling hunger is a problem and as the Buddha said, “Hunger is the worst illness”. All other illness can be cured in time, but hunger is incurable!

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Nope, I am sorry but it is not Adele. It get even better! John M is saying a big "hello" to all the y101fm listeners. Specially to those who liked his article " The Big Kahuna"!

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Jiggy Jr. definitely spoke too soon as he tweeted about how the LA Lakers seemed to have gotten their game back. He fell short 112 to 111 after the tweet-lol!!!

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Halloween has passed and I am pretty sure candy factories all over the world were sold out.

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Early this year, he released his all-original album "Elevated" and received the gold record award. Timing is was perfect timing to stage a concert. It took him years before he finally decided to stage his fourth major concert.