Today our resident hiphop/rn'b DJ takes us on a trip down memory lane.

Last Thursday night after getting off my phone conversation with DJ Carlow, I realized that our conversation was pretty on point with a good throwback Thursday. It's no secret that DJ Carlow lives and breathes hip hop and rhythm and blues- one of the faintest memories he had when he started out his love affair with the genre was when he loved Kurtis Blow's Basketball. His uncle who was also a DJ back in the day would let him come by to listen to his records. Eventually, DJ Carlow's passion turned into a full-blown career. While spinning at a club, Y101 found about his love for all things hip hop and the rest was history.


In his point of view though, just like any genre, hip hop and r n' b keeps up with current trends and culture. In this age, the genre has become more open to a younger fan base thanks to technology- it's now easier to download your preferred tracks and research about artists you like. Back in the day, the music was all about the hood, keeping within territories, hustlin', racism and gangs. Now it's all about the lifestyle, brand collaboration and getting up close with an artist's fanbase.

When it comes to old school hip hop, DJ Carlow swears by Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre and some Ice Cube. If you wanna really know the genre's history on a deeper level, he recommends watching biographical film Straight Outta Compton.

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