We've just celebrated Women's Month and I just had to ask our guy Carlow about how he perceives women.

"For me, women balance everything out," he would say. Like any other homeboy, Carlow looks up to his mom especially since she was pretty hands-on in the household he grew up with. Her caring nature taught him that the woman's difference between men help everyone understand that everyone else does not feel and think the same way as ourselves do.


Our conversation then went on to how he adored his pet cat who recently wandered away from their home. "I also feel women are like cats;" as their feminine yet demanding nature can draw or intimidate anyone within their sight.

Being a professional that works with music, when he was asked which female performer that stood out among the popstars in the industry he thinks Lady Gaga would have to be better than the infamously-declared queen of Rn'B Beyonce'. "It's not every day you'd encounter a pop star that can actually sing," as he was especially stunned with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in the recently-concluded Superbowl. "Over the years the Superbowl has grown more focused into the stars and performances rather than the anthem's true essence." Indeed, Gaga won the Superbowl performance before it got started as her less than mesmerizing performance nailed it. Of all women performers in todays's industry, Carlow can surely say that Gaga's overall stardom and undeniable talent shines brighter than those that have burned out.

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