Here’s what our Rhythm Crew is up to this Lenten break 2023. 

Road trip, anybody? Bryan G is game for a road trip on the North or South of Cebu with his family.     

Jiggy Jr. on the other hand is planning to do the opposite. Since everyone’s going to the beach this week, he’s looking forward to enjoying Cebu City all to himself! When asked about what activities he has planned, he says he wants to drive around car-free highways and eat at his favorite beach-side restaurants in Mactan. Catching up on his TBR (to be read) pile is also on his plans. He mentions finishing the books, "What Distance Tells Us” by Johanna Michelle Lim and ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman.

Carlow is going with the flow this holy week as he’s up for anything his friends or family invites him to. However, his personal quest? Going around Cebu and finding out where to buy the best binignit…any suggestions? Much like DJ Jiggy Jr. he’s not into crowded places and is looking forward to a peaceful and reflective stay at home. 

Spending quality time with family is at the top of Chad’s priority list. He’s also looking forward to doing Visita Iglesia. He adds that holy week is usually his time to rest and recharge. That's why they usually reserve going to the beach during summertime instead.

For most Catholic Filipinos, the Lenten break is also the time to reflect and spend time with loved ones.

How about you? How would you spend your long weekend this lenten season? Let us know on our social media pages @y101fm on Facebook or @y101fmcebu on Instagram.