2017 25 TALKS

Join Chad the Stud and the rest of the rhythm crew as we watch the most sensational fight in history live at The Joker's Arm Pub & Restaurant this Sunday!

On Sunday morning (27 August 2017), everyone you know will be watching the highly anticipated showdown between professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and UFC fighter Conor McGregor. A live pay per view broadcast will be held at The Joker's Arm Pub & Restaurant where you can get a chance to win an MMA glove signed by Conor McGregor himself. The rhythm crew is excited to watch this sensationally odd event and each of us is betting on different fighters.

Chad the Stud doesn't really care who wins the fight this Sunday. He believes the event was made solely for the purpose of making money. He said that he only hopes the fight will be entertaining and worth the hype.

John M believes the same thing too. He said that the boxing match between the two great fighters is "a circus". It's a great way for promoters to rake in a lot of money from people who are willing to pay to see these men pit against each other inside the ring. Our Afternoon Drive host also believes that betting on the Mayweather/McGregor fight will exceed the money wagered on Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao two years ago.

So who do they think will win in this anticipated fight? John M is sure that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will knock out Conor McGregor. He argued that "McGregor is an MMA fighter, not a boxer. He will fight against Mayweather, who is one of the greatest living boxers in the world. And I believe that McGregor won't have a chance".

Chad the Stud also believes that Mayweather will win. However, Chad "would love McGregor to kick Mayweahter's ass" instead. Our Midday Vibes host said he finds Mayweather more arrogant than McGregor, and that he also beat Manny Pacquiao. So if he loses, then it would be some sort of revenge for Filipinos. Chad the Stud said he won't care who will win the fight, but "it would be best that Mayweather gets knocked down."

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