5.John Mayer – “No Such Thing”

6.Jason Mraz – “93 Million Miles”

7.Jason Mraz – “Everything is Sound”

8.Foo Fighters – “Learn to Fly”

9.Jack Johnson – “Good People”

10.Coldplay – “Viva la Vida”

These songs serve as a reminder to Jiggy Jr. that every morning is an experience to behold and wonder. They are reminders that let Jiggy knows he’s still alive and kicking and ready to rock out a new day. These tunes remind Jiggy that every morning is something new and that he’s excited to see how it will unfold. He says that every morning, you wake up because of a reason. That you are simply supposed to. You are lucky to wake up and that should be a reminder to be thankful and happy every day! Waking up every morning gives you the chance to be better in your life!

So Thank You Jiggy Jr! Thank you for showing everybody another way to start the day positively! You provide us a great service by spreading happiness, energy, and love every time we wakes up. Everybody loves you and we hope that you grow younger! Happy Birthday!

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