I would like to begin this year writing about one of the things I really love which is music.

This is where we get our inspiration, this molds us to become the person that we are and it also serves as a reminder of where we have been and what we have accomplished today. I can say that music has been my influence and guide, it is just like the books I read and the movies I watch.

A few years ago I wrote about my concern about how music is made today. It’s hard not to notice that most of these songs generally talk about sex, jealousy, envy, vanity, anger and hate. Most of the concern I had was the fact that if this is the kind of music our children are listening what will become of them in the future? Inspiration is drawn from people, places, experiences and everything else that surround us. Music, movies, books or any form of art for that matter, is a mirror of our society. We hear, see, read and feel what we have become.

My views have since changed when recently music became like how it was and how it should be. They are now meant to uplift and inspire. They now leave me smiling and feeling good again. I am hearing originally composed songs from the heart and soul. They are actually making songs like they used to go back in the day. It is important that todays music are able to touch lives, to be able to help us take a closer look at ourselves and to become better people. Music molds our society and the values it keeps. I am grateful that these are once kept safe and our children can enjoy the same music we did when we were young.

Let us remain vigilant and always remember that everything should begin with us. We are what we listen to and it is our responsibility to protect our society from the pollutants of our values and beliefs. Allow our music to be safe and free to motivate once more.

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