It’s always nostalgic to bid a year adieu paving another one up ahead, but I tend to look at this as a way to reach out to people, an opportunity to catch a fresh new start, a time to make promises for a brighter future and lifestyle changes and most specially, a damn good reason to list my top 3 New Year’s resolutions!

Great things have transpired in 2015 like the exhilarating trips I took around the world, the reunions I’ve had with friends and family, the joy and laughter I’ve shared with my team at Y101 and the elation of having my son and his family move to Cebu and work with me at the studios. I can go on forever and bore you to death with all the terrific things that emanated last year but although I like musing over the past, this one’s about addressing the future.

As we all know, every stick has two ends so, in effect there’s the other side of the coin to ruminate – what goes up, must come down or should I say for every high there’s a low or maybe even for every good there’s a bad? Oh yes, I can think of all the negatives of the year as well but hey, we’re not here to brood but to have fun concocting my decrees, so let’s do it!

Then again, before I give you my top 3 vows, I need to let you in on why I came up with some imperative oaths for improvement in 2016 – and they all have something to do with 2015!

1. For one, it’s been an excellent gastronomic year for me perfecting my culinary expertise to a tee, reason why I gained 15 pounds savoring my Martha T Signature recipes and guess what? I look like an authentic butterball so this generously proportioned lady over here has prioritized resolution Number 1 which is to cut down on the bloody butter!

2. Secondly, I accomplished booting my favorite housekeeper who kept my home organized and methodically arranged my dreaded paperwork though as a result, I felt maimed! However, when I discovered she was not the honest person that I thought she was, even if I had factored a few bucks into the equation, I began to be self-reliant. Lesson learnt: fend for yourself, which I’ve made my resolution Number 2!

3. While oodles of people I know are resolving to quit an addiction, I can’t say the same for my lackluster self – I don’t freakin’ drink, nor smoke nor take drugs so that’s definitely not a way to go for me. However, I am obsessive-compulsive about many things including my ever-so-valued Y101, not to mention how possessive I am about my priceless jewel! It’s definitely been an incredible year for us in all aspects and more often than not, I’m striving for more perfection, hence I’m always stressed out. Resolution Number 3 calls for a go-slow and a health-conscious path for me this year, so fore it is!

There you have it! For 2016, I’m working on these 3 major resolutions because as the proverbial saying goes, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush and I’ve decided to be kind to myself (when I started this article I initially had 10 and in retrospect and reevaluating my capabilities to fulfill my pledges, I knew I’d fail). I thought this was more realistic!

And with this, I extend my sincerest Auld Lang Syne and wish you the happiest of all New Years!

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