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It angers me to see kids sniffing solvents on the streets.

I don’t know how they came to be but I can really compare them to the kids shining shoes and selling candies on the streets just to go to school or earn some money for food.

I once knew a street child way back in college who was “adopted” by a nearby eatery. That kid was given 3 meals a day of his choice and snacks too. I asked him where his parents were and he just told me that his dad left them and he rarely sees his mom.  I gave him some change whenever he asked.

A few months later, I saw him in a computer shop playing DOTA and thought “that’s where he spends his money” which was fine because kids love to play that game anyway and I am a gamer myself. I understood him playing that.

A long time passed and I have not seen the kid. I thought maybe, he had a change of address so with that in mind, I just let it pass.

Well, until a month ago.

A familiar kid asked me for alms while sniffing solvent and it took some time for me to realize that it was the “adopted” kid. I got mad at him and asked him why he is sniffing rugby. He just smiled and ran away. I was so mad and downhearted with what happened. He had 3 meals a day for free. People loved him there and now this happened.

The experience taught me that kids are very prone to bad influences. Some choose to remain good but the “adopted” kid did not.

Kids like them need to be saved. I hope the government does something about this. It is unfair and sad.

The situation calls for help and support from organizations. Kids should know that people are willing to help them, that they have a way out instead of going to the darkness of bad influence.

This Christmas, Y101FM has a charity event called “Let Them Know It’s Christmas” where you can drop your donations on the booth during the “A Bright Christmas Bazaar” held in Oakridge Park.

Donations will help the organizations and the kids. The kids will eventually realize that strangers do care for them. This could be your first step.

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