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This is just an intro of what you will learn from the talents here so this week, I am going to write about the wishes of Y101’s Talents but first, I’ll start with myself so you will know how this goes.

I am not a believer of Christmas but if I had a wish, my wish is again, the rightful treatment of animals. I am an animal lover and it pains me to see animals being maltreated just because they are considered the “Lower Species”. I don’t believe that we are the superiors. All of us were just evolved differently to match with the environment we are in.  That does not give us the right to leave an animal starving on the street because it is “just an animal”.

For my resolution, the bad habit that I want to eliminate is not sleeping enough. Sleep is very important, I realized. I have not been sleeping well because I play games and do a lot of extra stuff when my time is free-only to realize that it is already 5am in the morning. I guess that is a common problem of people my age. Oh well, we have to look for a way somehow!

What will be the DJ’s wishes and resolutions? Can you give a good guess?

Find out on the next Y101 Talks!

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