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This came in late because I found it so difficult to catch the Jiggy but fortunately, I did.

It was of chance that he was around the bazaar held at Oakridge Pavilion (well, he should be since he was the program host) and we had a little chat at the Y101FM “Let Them Know It’s Christmas” booth. I asked him what his cause was and I was expecting a “socky” cause but turned out that Jiggy had something a lot more different in his mind.

He would want everyone to be able to ride bikes- hence the hopes of having bike lanes available throughout the city. Jiggy states that the buildings and streets of Cebu aren’t too “bike friendly”. He further elaborates that there are no parking areas for bikes.

Biking is healthy and immediate- a good form of exercise where you do not have to spend too much. And when you want to go somewhere as soon as possible, you can just grab your bike and go!

If Jiggy was a Christmas décor then he would be nothing else but a sock, obviously.

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