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The people of Y101FM had a weekend well-spent.

Last Sunday evening, December 14 2014, Y101FM had a booth for “Let Them Know It’s Christmas” where people could drop off gifts and donations intended for the beneficiaries who are the less-privileged kids of Mandaue, under the care of Children of the Coast Foundation. The booth was placed in “A Bright Christmas Bazaar” By Mint Concepts in Oakridge Pavilion where the place was filled with entrepreneurs, shoppers and onlookers.

The program was hosted by Y101Fm’s very own Jiggy Jr. who entertained the people, the children and their respective guardians. The children’s faces were filled with smiles as they were given a lot of snacks. Those smiles got bigger when their names were called because they knew they were being given gifts from their own personal Santa Clause.

At 7:30 PM, the program ended. The children had their pictures taken and finally, went home with their guardians and of course, their gifts.