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I talked to John M first thing because he was gone for a week due to a sickness.

John M is a straight-forward person. He told me he wants world peace. It may be a very common answer but John specifies that everyone deserves peace of mind. True, living in a chaotic place and lifestyle is unhealthy and won’t do anyone any good no matter what your status as a person is. John M wishes Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao to happen too but not because of personal reasons –he thinks that there will be lesser “natural disasters” in the Philippines.

John M reveals that he quit smoking and that he does not need to wait until Christmas to kick a bad habit. He believes that better health is the best thing to aim for. He got sick for a week with the fly and it was not fun –he thought he got better but then the sickness struck him back leaving him with muscle and joint pains which left him no choice but to stay in bed. I know that feeling, flu does you no good and the feeling is really bad.

If he could afford, he would get himself really good speakers for Christmas. “It’s a DJ thing”, he said.

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