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When we were kids, we always felt Christmas. It was always different compared to the other days.

Do you remember such feeling? I do. I always felt happy whenever I saw the Christmas lights and the decorations. There was always a happy aura whenever I see a big Santa dancing in the mall, or when Christmas songs are played on repeat. Our driver would play the cassette tape with Christmas songs in the car as we go to school and head back home. The Christmas tree had gifts with our names on it and it felt so great to shake the box and wonder what was inside it. I was happy. Everyone was, or seemed to be.

Now that I am an adult, working for my money and being busy all the time, I do not feel the season. It might be my change of beliefs or something else. I don’t really know. Whenever I look at the Christmas decorations on the mall, hear Christmas tunes on repeat, it is like I do not feel anything.

I realized that maybe, it is because we have so many things to think about as adults compared to when we were a carefree kid. We have so many things in mind that we do not appreciate what is around us. This does not happen only in Christmas, but to everything as well. How we view things or experience it will depend on choice. If you choose to feel the Christmas season, then feel it. If not, then do not. I believe that everything is a matter of choice. When we were young, we chose to look forward to Christmas and not mind our vacation home works. I think we can do that as busy adults too –not only for Christmas but for everything.

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