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Blue is a color that represents sadness. Blue Christmas is actually a “poetic” description of a sad Christmas; if you refer to the Elvis Presley song then you would see that he was singing about a blue Christmas because he was missing his girlfriend. 

A lot of people are probably having a “blue Christmas” right now – the ones abroad without their families, the street people who are hungry and many more. I can not specify, but I am sure there are a lot feeling this kind of emotion.

If you see street people, collecting garbage at night for a living, why don’t you give them your spare change? Or share a midnight snack with them at a nearby bakery? This simple thing will give a bright smile on their faces. For once, they get to experience a random act of kindness.

What I am trying to explain is that, a blue Christmas cannot be avoided. The best we can do is lighten it up.

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