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Every New Year’s Eve, people write their resolutions down or post them on social media sites. 

What is it for anyway? A lot of people make them every year and it has become a trend. Only a few people do not have anything to deal with it. What makes this resolution special? It is because it shows how we all have hope to change for the better. Here are some of the Y101FM Shoutboxers’ Resolutions:

                                                “Never play coc again”- Ryard AlwaysFirst

                                                “Everyday diet...#dietwhatdiet”- Kate Biol

                                                “Quit smoking (I hope) hahahaha”- Jojo Racaza

                                                “Check facebook once a month”- Roy Dboi

                                                “Stop eating 6x a day awwww”- Elvisse Dianne Tabar


Good luck with that, Shoutboxers! May all our resolutions be done not only for the sake of having one, but for the sake of a good change.  Stay tuned for more resolutions!

What are your resolutions?

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