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Many people make a lot of resolutions only to break it.

It’s the same with promises. Many say that promises are made to be broken although it is not the case. If you promise something, the decision to break a promise is yours and that goes with resolutions. Now, how do you keep your resolutions? There are lots of advices about it like writing them in a notebook, or printing a paper about it and place it on your wall- and the list goes on and on but really, no matter how you remind yourself, everything depends on you. If you fail to keep up, you cannot blame anyone or anything about it.

The only factor which can make those resolutions done is that you have to be realistic about it. If you plan to quit smoking, of course you cannot quit in just a day (especially if you are a heavy smoker). So instead of saying “I will quit smoking at January 1, 2015”, you say “I will lessen my number of cigarettes starting this January 1, 2015”. That way, you won’t go failing yourself.

Hope this helps you with your resolutions!

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