Mama Cash birthday

Our warmest greeting to Y101’s Radio Architect!

If you’ve been a long time listener to the station, then you might remember who Mama Cash was. Also known as Martha T, She created and hosted Bootleg Gold, the show that brings classic rock back to radio. She conceptualized the Y101fm website and wrote several music articles, making her a strong presence on the site. And most importantly above all, she is responsible for establishing the best radio station in Cebu, Y101.

Mama Cash birthday

Back in the 70’s, her family created one of the first and the best Contemporary Hit Radio station in the country founding DWRT-FM 99.5 in Manila. Mama Cash took over and created the sister company Y101 in Cebu in 1979. Since then, Mama Cash has proven to be a powerful force behind the station inspiring a lot of people that include the listeners of her rock program and people under her payroll.

This week the architect of the station celebrated her 63rd birthday. The Rhythm Crew would like to take this opportunity to thank the alpha wolf for being an inspiration and mentor to all of them.

K is the digital media manager of Y101. She manages the social media presence and website of the station. Just like Mama Cash, K is a female force that is extremely independent when it comes to success. That is why Mama Cash, above anyone else, is her biggest inspiration. “I look up to her very much because she’s very good at what she does and yet she’s still very graceful in handling things”, said K. Taking over Mama Cash’s website is a big responsibility to take and K managed to handle the site really well. “The website used to be Ma’am Martha’s baby, one of the reasons why the team is striving so hard is because we want to show her that her baby has grown up, and it grew up really well because she took care of it very well”.

Birthday message: “Happy happy birthday Mam Martha. Thank you for being so supportive in whatever our web is doing”.

Song Dedication: “I Love Rock n Roll” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


(K explained that she has always loved rock and roll. But because of Mama Cash and her program Bootleg Gold, she fell in love with rock music even more.)

The on-air hearthrob of Midday Vibe is Chad the Stud who will always remember Mama Cash as the best dancer he ever saw. Mama Cash by the way, got her nickname because she used to give out a lot of cash during her program. Chad knows that without Mama Cash, he wouldn’t have had a job and Y101 wouldn’t have existed. That’s why Chad owes a lot to the woman who made things possible.

Birthday message: Happy birthday Mama Cash. I wish you good health and God bless!

Song dedication: “Celebration” by Madonna


(Chad the Stud knows that Mama Cash loves Madonna and there’s no doubt it is where Mama Cash got her moves from.)

Every morning we wake up to the energetic voice of Jiggy Jr who has come to treat Mama Cash as his second mom. Jiggy remembers how Mama Cash has always been very loving to the people in the station and he believes that Mama Cash is the coolest woman he has ever seen. Jiggy has learned a lot of things from her over the years and that’s why he will always admire the alpha wolf of the company. Mama Cash will always be remembered for her motherly nature as she has given some pretty good motherly advice to all her children in Y101.

Birthday greeting: “I hope you continue to be not only a great station owner, but also a great mother; not only to your children but also to us.

Song dedication: “Black Magic Woman” by Santana


(According to Jiggy, Mama Cash is a baadasss! And this is the perfect song to describe her)

John M of the Afternoon Drive has worked for Mama Cash longer than anyone else here at the station. He is even responsible for giving Mama Cash her moniker. Although, he did confess that he would have called her HOT CASH if it weren’t because she was the boss. John M with a boy like wonder in his eyes recalls how hot Mama Cash was way back then. Even through the years, he still continues to admire Mama Cash’s success and tricks. John M has even learned a lot of things from her including attention to detail and the sense of urgency. “As a boss she knows how to delegate people. She knows your weaknesses and strengths. She brings out the best in you and that’s very important.

Birthday greeting: “Happy Birthday Mama Cash! Age gracefully and keep on laughing. I’ll see you in the senior citizen check-out line at the grocery store.”

Song dedication: “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd


(John M claims Comfortably Numb is Mama Cash’s mental song.)

Here’s to Mama Cash and 36 years of Y101! Happy Birthday and keep on rocking!

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