Tee’s Love/Hate with the rain

Tee thinks you should bring a boat with you all the time now, because when the rain pours down and it will flood again, you’re a goner my friend!

Just like anybody else, Tee hates being stuck in the rain. A small bit of her dies inside when she dresses to the nines and a little precipitation dampens her style. Also Tee is skinny to battle out the cold which means she has to wrap herself around layers of layers of thick clothing to stay warm, and who would even want to bother doing that? Looking like a shawarma spit in public?

Tee’s Love/Hate with the rain

I don't really like the rain that much. But I do love it when I’m at home when i have nowhere else to go or no plans. That’s the time when i love the rain

Tee likes staying comfy at home when dark clouds arrive outside and water rains down, with soothing thunder and lightning for added drama. Tee would lock herself in her snug and warm abode and prepare some hot choco and a good book to read or a nice movie to watch.

She is also fond of listening to happy songs when it rains. Tee has always effectively tried to shoo away the negativity and melancholy the rainy weather coincidentally brings by drowning out the gloom and doom with happy songs by Mika and fun.

Tee enjoys the rain as long as it doesn’t touch her. Here’s some of Tee’s favorite tunes to listen to when it rains that assuredly will make anybody smile.

Simple PlanSinging in the Rain


MikaWe are Golden


Fun – Some Nights


Imagine DragonsOn Top of the World


American AuthorsBest Day of My Life (Just a Gent remix)


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