Chad Talks About Sinulog

Now don’t get me wrong, every Cebuano has a handful of memories of getting face painted while partying with all our friends as we watch the floats and even sometimes joined them in a wild moment filled with tons of alcohol, laughter and fun. Those are definitely the memories we tend to remember when thinking about Sinulog. After all can you really consider yourself a true Cebuano without those key experiences under our belt? I hardly think so.

However nowadays as we get older, we start to look forward to Sinulog for their other wholesome attractions that draw in all the tourists to come over during this time of year. As for Chad, he is always excited to see the processions during the Sinulog Grand Parade as people dance and present wonderful rhythmic displays in the street. Looking back his ultimate Sinulog memory was in 88’-89’ when the rock band Rage came to Cebu and played in Fuente. It was such a full venue that it turned into a stampede as Chad was crushed between all the other members of the crowd. Boy, does that sound like a wild and happening time to be in Cebu!

So if you’re young and new in town, you still have to undergo the hazing of Sinulog to become a true Cebuano, but that’s easy cause all that entails is face painting, partying, drinking and dancing in the streets! It’s a day where everyone’s spirits are high as they enjoy the wonderful festivities so whether you want to just sit back and watch the vibrant parade like Chad, or join in on the fun with a plastic cup and a mix of Tanduay with Coke in hand, Sinulog is an exciting festival for all to enjoy!

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