Wouldn't you like to win?


Today will be the historic 19th round of the Powerball drawing. The next drawing is scheduled at 10:59 ET on Wednesday, January 13 in the United States. And after 19 previous draws without any winner, it has turned into the most popular Powerball draw in history, with a pot exceeding $1.5 billion. Will tonight finally yield a winner?

Of course, after a nine-digit tax bill, the winner most definitely will not be taking home the full $1.5 billion payout. And that’s only if he or she is the only winner, because odds are there will be more than one winning ticket. In the event that happens, the prize money is split evenly among them.

Nevertheless, a winning ticket would still amount to a lifetime’s supply of riches.

“A lifetime supply of riches” is just what John M dreams of. Even though chances of hitting this Powerball are 288 million to 1, one can’t help but imagine what they would do with the money.

John M has stated that he would buy all his coworkers, and each of their pet dogs’s a house if John M was the lucky winner.

“Chances are I would be struck by lightning before I ever win that”.

John M, who used to host a similar fun lottery-style game on Y101 and Y101fm.com has been following the lottery quite closely and feels that it could all be a publicity stunt. How can there be no winners after 19 episodes of Powerball, this has to be rigged!

Tickets to participate in the Powerball cost $2 and $3 for a Power Play ticket, these boost the value of non-jackpot prizes. Since the last jackpot in November, Powerball players in the United States have spent roughly $2.6 billion.

To win the grand prize in the Powerball, a player’s ticket needs to match all five numbers in any order, and then the red Powerball number. Anyone who guesses the Powerball number wins four dollars. Tickets that have more matching numbers are eligible for a prize of $7, $100, $50,000, and $1 million.

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