He’s a Belieber after all!

"You can love me or hate me but you can't misunderstand me. Make sure you make yourself abundantly clear to anyone worth your while" is one mantra Jiggy Jr swears by, and surprisingly this relates to Justin Bieber's latest hit What Do You Mean.

Jiggy discusses Justin Bieber's hit What Do You Mean. Deciphering songs and finding their hidden meanings is something we all like to trip on from time to time. Some songs mean different things to a variety of people, but this doesn't mean that one person is right and the other is wrong, it's all just a matter of personal interpretation. Being the type of person who falls in love with a song due to their witty lyrics and word play, Jiggy admits Bieber's chart topper doesn't really have any of those elements. It's straight to the point and simply written, but it's still a great tune and interpreting the meaning requires nothing but the time it takes to listen to the song.


Jiggy points out how we've all been in situations where we experience problems understanding another person, and it's usually someone from the opposite sex. This apparently is a problem we can all relate to because a celebrity like Justin is no exception. Whether or not he's talking about Selena Gomez, we can't be too sure, but we can say that we've all encountered indecisive people and trying to figure them out and reading in between the lines can be time consuming and ultimately relationship crippling. If we beat around the bush too much we may just lose our chance completely and this is the point Justin is trying to make.

Sometimes it feels like being a people pleaser is an easier way to deal with uncomfortable situations, but as we get older and hopefully wiser, we begin to realize it's a lot easier to deal with things head on and just be honest. Yes it can be uncomfortable and perhaps a tad painful, but think of it as ripping off a band aid-- one quick jerk, a few moments of pain and it's over.

So next time we feel like telling someone something as simple as "No, you can't have a bite" or something as life changing as "Yes, I'll spend the rest of my life with you" just be honest and approach the situation like a grown adult. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That is true integrity, and Bieber's tune is simply reiterating that.

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