We all know how frustrating and boring it gets being stuck in traffic all the time!

Unfortunately Cebu has become one of those dreaded cities where the infrastructure cannot handle the amount of people we have, and as a result there's always traffic practically every time we leave our homes. Now instead of being a sour puss about the entire situation and locking ourselves up at home and becoming a recluse, let's come up with ways to entertain ourselves and make this loss a fun win!


We're all aware of John M's humor from the incessant laughter he brings us every afternoon, so knowing he's behind this hefty list will be no surprise.

1. So to start off this wacky whirl of fun let's begin by picking our noses! There's nothing more disgusting than turning your head and catching a glimpse of the next guy over going to town on his nostrils, so let's give everyone something to look at! Pretend like you're unaware and just start hacking away at your nose; this will surely shock all nearby on-lookers and give you a good laugh!

2. Sing loud and out of tune! While you've got your radio on and locked into Y101, give your vocals some real practice while you bob your head to the latest and hottest beats. Your fellow passengers may not like your personal rendition of Adele's topper 'Hello' but hell if we can't sing in our cars where can we sing? They say practice makes perfect right? So you're bound to learn to sing like Beyoncé with all the practice you'll be getting while stuck in traffic!

3. Be generous with your middle finger. Now no one likes a hot headed road enraged driver, but sometimes you just can't help but lose your cool while gridlocked on the pavement. So next time this happens make sure to express yourself with a flash of the finger. The release of anger will get the message across and hopefully bring about a therapeutic release of pent of frustration.

4. Give yourself a much needed pedicure. We always complain about never having time to get ourselves properly groomed, well next time you're just sitting in the car kill two birds with one stone. Bring a nail cutter and a file and get this annoying chore completed in no time. Now if only we could wax in the car, then we would never have any excuse to miss a session.

5. Diss other drivers. People watching is a past time most people enjoy without even a second thought. There are just moments in time where we become so enthralled in another person's personal life and sitting in a car is no exception. Next time you're in the passenger seat scope out the crowd and pick the ugliest car with the fattest driver and have a good laugh!

6. Read up on your favorite DJs. While stuck in traffic it's always a good idea to invest in a good 3/4G plan on your phone so that when you're bored you can always read up on your favorite DJs at y101fm.com while tuning into the station live. There are always cool topics and articles being posted every day so you'll never get bored and well listening to the station, that's just a given. Don't touch that dial and hang out to catch your favorite tunes from the coolest DJs in town.

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