The 2016 election is around the corner.

The campaign machineries of politicians running are gearing up waiting for the campaign period to begin. The COMELEC together with volunteers in the private sector are also getting ready to insure an even election and a smooth flow during the Election Day itself. The media is also making preparations themselves. Aside from the influx of advertisements that the different networks and stations are expecting the Media's effort is also focused on the information that they aim to provide the public during the campaign period.


This information that the media aims to provide the public is very vital in our countries political future. These are information that would help our voters determine the right choice so to speak. The media provides the medium for candidates to share their thoughts and present their individual platform. In turn the media also scrutinizes them and raise issues and concerns. The information we get from the media about our political aspirants helps us determine their character, qualification, and determination for the political post they are aiming. Without this it will be hard to make a sound judgment and in effect a wise and educated vote.

The Media plays a very important role in our everyday life. It balances the system and insures our freedom to express remains to be guarded. During the election period, The Media makes sure our voters are informed and educated. They provide us with what we need in making the right decision because the future of our country depends on our choosing the right people in government. An educated vote is something we have to be serious about and the influence of the media provides a better chance on achieving it. The media has the power to make future leaders, it serves as a lighthouse for our countries future and this light should remain bright and waivered.

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