Happy Birthday Marlon

Meet the most-sought after DJ in Cebu; Marlon Orellano, the birthday boy!

Marlon Orellano is the DJ responsible for making your Friday nights burn bright every time you tune in to Y101fm’s Party Patrol.

Happy Birthday Marlon

Spinning since the late 80's, DJ Marlon has the special knack of keeping and sustaining the crowd's momentum thanks to his impressive spin and mixes of an eclectic variety. His mix of genres include ballroom, hip-hop, RnB, electro rock, prog house, tech house, vocal house music, mash-ups, and classic pop tunes from the 70s, 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s and present chart topping hits and tracks.

It's no secret that DJ Marlon Orellano has been Cebu's most sought-after DJ. Y1O1 is thankful to have him as part of the family. So happy birthday DJ Marlon Orellano! Keep it spinning and keep us electrified!

Check out his mixes on his Soundcloud account:

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